Professional Land Surveying Services

T.E.A.M. is a leading Professional Land Surveying and Civil Engineering company servicing the Greater Houston Area that values hard work, accuracy, and a cost-effective approach! Our experienced staff provides a wide variety of services to make sure all of your needs are met from start to finish!

Boundary / Title / ALTA Surveys
A boundary survey is needed for most land sales transactions. Our surveys will meet strict TSPS or ALTA requirements or specific requirements if needed. Our surveys will be very detailed and easy to read and understand. We take great pride in the appearance of our final product.

Topographic Survey
We perform topographic surveys for the design and development of many types of projects. This type of survey will show the vertical layout of the land including spot elevations and contour lines. Underground utilities are usually researched and shown on the survey. Computer files can be sent to others on the design team in order to help get quicker turnarounds and better efficiency. Many of our clients are other professional engineers.  They recognize the value of our experience and utilize our services for their design work.

Construction Staking
Construction staking is an important part of the project to help make sure everything is built per plans. We will work with the contractor to stake out any needed control points or facilities including building corners, manholes, inlets, curbs, utilities, etc.

Subdivision Layout and Platting
Undeveloped tracts of land will likely need to be platted for development. This means surveying the boundaries of the property, dividing it up into lots, reserves and roads, and recording the plat in the county records. Most counties and cities have their own specific requirements to meet. We have dealt with most of the surrounding counties and cities in the Houston area and other parts of Texas. We have a good handle on any kind of platting needs in the area. We will follow the plat from the time it is surveyed on the ground to the time it is recorded at the courthouse.

Oil Field Related Surveying
To fulfill the surveying and related needs of our clients. The company maintains a staff of highly experienced personnel proficient in a complete range of surveying services for the oil and gas industry throughout the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast Region. Well location stake outs, pipeline staking and as-builds on land or in Galveston Bay, and all types of plats needed for permitting are our specialty. In keeping with its dedication to high performance standards, the firm places a strong emphasis on furthering the goals of the surveying profession through licensing of key personnel and active participation in professional and technical societies

Elevation Certificates
Elevations certificates are used to determine if a building or structure is above or below the base flood elevation shown on FEMA flood plain maps. This information is usually used to establish flood insurance rates.

GPS Surveys
We use GPS equipment to help facilitate our surveying practice. GPS has helped in performing larger projects in less time with improved accuracy in some cases.

Professional Civil Engineering Services

T.E.A.M. has extensive experience on its staff for a myriad of civil engineering design services. Our design team includes stints as a city engineer and a drainage district engineer along with extensive experience in small to medium size civil engineering firms over the last 35 plus years.

Grading and Drainage Design Plans
T.E.A.M. has developed over a thousand G+D Plans for all kinds of site development projects. These include shopping centers, schools, churches, office complexes, industrial developments, mini-storage facilities, athletic complexes and many more.

Storm, Sanitary and Water Line Design and Layout
T.E.A.M. has designed many storm, sanitary, sewer, and water line facilities ranging from on-site utilities to large trunk lines. These have included project coordination with cities, counties, MUDs, and private companies.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
T.E.A.M. has extensive knowledge and design capabilities for project SWPPPs since they are required for most of our projects. We will provide the design and reports and coordinate with the owners/contractors on their obligations in this regard.

Plan and Profile Drawings
Many projects now require plan and profile drawings in order to obtain approvals from the appropriate entities. T.E.A.M. excels at these design drawinings and the coordination and approval processes from governmental agencies and utility companies.

Flood Plan Mitigation Calculations
More projects are being developed in river, stream and coastal flood plains each day. Mitigating the impact on these flood plains is a paramount requirement for many cities, counties and drainage districts. T.E.A.M. has become an expert in these designs and calculations.

Lift Station Design
T.E.A.M. has designed and overseen construction of several different sizes of storm sewer and sanitary sewer lift stations for our client’s needs. These range from large public facilities to small grinder pumps for site development projects.

Hydraulic Analysis
Many of our projects require detailed drainage calculations to determine 100-year storm water surface elevations, hydraulic grade lines, storm sewer sizing, detention pond designs and more. Our design team can handle these with experience and details to get the job completed.